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Encouragement for Life
Whether you are going though a rough time in life or just looking for a source to help hold you up; God's Word is the greatest source of encouragement for our lives. As part of our mission here to inspire, entertain, and inform from a Christian perspective, we are committed to provide you with the resources you need to find God's truth and encouragement for your life.

Here you will find devotionals that will encourage you each month.

The Road Less Traveled

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Going with the flow!

Summer has flown by so fast and I’m trying to soak up every bit of fun before it is all over.  I’ve been learning that having fun means I have to go with the flow of things.  As a person who thrives on structure and organization, this is tough to do.  I have to constantly work at bending against these natural tendencies by letting go of control and being present in the moment.   

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Healing from Depression

Like the rest of the world, I was shocked by the death of Robin Williams this week.  A myriad of emotions came over me even though I didn’t know him personally.  I have been disturbed and saddened by how Williams died.  At first, it was difficult for me to understand why a famous and successful actor would commit suicide.  It would seem that Robin Williams had everything to make him want to live.  Yet, he chose to take his own life. 

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About the Author:
A refugee from Vietnam, Phuong came to Erie in February 1980 with her parents, 4 siblings and maternal grandmother after escaping communism in May 1979.  Their miraculous 11 days survival in the Pacific Ocean on a tiny wooden fishing boat was an act of God’s grace and mercy.  She grew up with an awareness of God but didn't know Him personally until she received a second chance at life in her mid-twenties.   Now, her passion is to encourage and help people discover the healing power and life changing truths of Jesus Christ.  Phuong resides in Green Township with her husband Scott and two boys, Isaiah and Caleb.