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Spring 2015 Sharathon
April 14th - 17th

Sharathon is your opportunity to be part of what God is doing through the ministry of WCTL to reach the lost and hurting that are looking for answers and to comfort and support those who have found the truth of the Gospel.  God has been our provider and we have faith that He will continue to use this ministry to impact the lives of people in this area and surrounding communities.
 The On-Air portion of Sharathon begins Tuesday, April 14th and continues through 1 p.m. on Friday, April 17th. Be an early contributor with your mail or online pledge and help jump-start the fall fundraising campaign.

Thank you for continuing to pray for and supporting the ministry of WCTL.

Your local Christian radio station depends on you to remain on the air, sharing the Good News 24/7. 

The fundraising goal for the next six months of ministry is $125,000. Most of that amount is pledged or received during Sharathon. Your financial gifts enable operating costs to be met and ministry to proceed without interruption. Lives are impacted daily thanks to your generosity in giving!

Becoming a financial partner with WCTL only takes a few minutes of your time, but can make an eternal difference by allowing the gospel message to continue over the airwaves. Donations are accepted online or through the mail anytime. Call 814-796-6000 to find out how to become a Pillar Partner with a monthly donation taken directly from a bank account or credit card. It's a simple process and you always maintain complete control of your giving.

Thank you for partnering in ministry with Erie's local Christian radio station!

Your generosity in giving enables the station to continue providing a mix of inspiration, entertainment, and information – all shared from a Christian perspective. God often works through His people, and Sharathon is a great time to make the decision to get involved. There are many ways to do so:
  • Checks are greatly appreciated and may be mailed to the station at any time.
  • Phone pledges of support are accepted during the on-air portion of the Sharathon 24 hours a day with a short, toll-free call to 1-800-282-9285.
  • Pillar Partners sign-up to provide regular monthly gifts from a bank account or credit card. This is a great option for many supporters as it reduces costs for the station (increasing operating efficiency), is convenient for all parties, and generates a more stable income to assist in planning. Signing up is as easy as taking a few moments to complete and return the enclosed form, or simply calling one of our friendly phone volunteers during Sharathon and expressing your interest to become a “Pillar Partner” on behalf of the ministry. Please keep in mind you always maintain complete control of your donations and can modify your giving plan at any time.
Donations through any method selected are tax deductible when made to Inspiration Time, Inc.
However you choose to get involved, please know that your support of the ministry is critically important and deeply valued. You ARE making a Kingdom difference and you ARE appreciated.


Would you like to inspire others to support the ministry of WCTL? One way you can help with your generous gift is to Make A Challenge.  Let us know you would like us to use your gift as a challenge to inspire others by calling the studio: (814)796-6000 or fill out the online form.

Make A Challenge Now!

Donate Now
Donate Now


There are two ways you can get involved:

Prayer Team: 
Prayer Team Members come to the station during the on-air portion of Sharathon to pray in our Sharathon Prayer Room, for as much or as little time they feel lead. You can sign-up for the Prayer Team.

Prayer Wall:
If you can not come to the station as part of the Prayer Team - we still want to hear from you if you would be willing to pray for WCTL through Sharathon from home, at work or in your car.  Just sign up online and your name will appear on our prayer wall to encourage others.

Your prayer support is vital in this important time.


Volunteers are a vital part of the ministry of WCTL! 

If you can squeeze out some free time, we could sure use your help in our Sharathon Mail Room Central.

Do you have an hour or more available during our Sharathon to help stuff envelopes? Each person who pledges will recieve a confirmation letter and we need help getting those letters ready to mail.

Our volunteers always have a fun time, and help us out significantly!

Sign up by filling out the online form or by calling Elizabeth at 814.796.6000 ext. 106.
Thank you for your willingness to support the ministry of WCTL in so many ways!
The ministry of WCTL is impacting the lives of our listeners: