Every morning I wake up to the same day.  I call it my Groundhog Day…..as in the movie. 

In Groundhog Day, weatherman Phil experienced the same day over and over again.  At first he was annoyed by his predicament but then he began to indulge in reckless living.  It is uncertain how many times he lived this same day but it was enough to drive him insane.  After living it up and trying everything under the sun, Phil realized that living for himself was meaningless so he began helping and serving others.   As a result, he no longer dreaded living the same day over and over.  Instead, he found joy and purpose as he served others and was able to get to a new day as he learned this profound truth. 

Being a stay-at-home mom, I often feel like Phil in Groundhog Day.  For six plus years I’ve awakened to the same background noise of my boys.  I have the same routine of caring, feeding, and teaching my children day in and day out.  There have been days when I’ve been annoyed with the mundane routines of motherhood and yes, I have dreaded doing the same things every day!  But you see, I’m such a slow learner in this mom role and I have a problem of making the same mistakes day after day.  With that said, I think God gives me the opportunity to live the same day over and over so I can come closer to his heart and get this mom thing right.  And in the process, I just might learn how to love as Jesus loved and serve as Jesus served.

I never dreamed that God would use motherhood to bring me closer to his heart.  But, it is in the mundane, the ordinary, and the failures of each day that I get a glimpse of how much I need to rely on God as a mom.  Before my boys were born, I had life under control or so I thought.  The funny thing is, children have a way of bringing disorder into your life in such way so as to alert you to the reality that you never had control in the first place!  These cute little monsters come into your life and they take over your schedule, consume your time, drain your energy and confiscate your resources.  They invade your space and push you to the edge of losing control.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to lose control to a wee person!  Yet, amidst the frustrations I began leaning into God.  Losing control was the best thing that happened to me because it caused me to fully rely on God.   

This Mother’s Day, I’m so grateful for the gift of motherhood.   Grateful because being a mother has drawn me closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Grateful that nearness to Christ has helped me to unleash the desire for control to Him.  I’m grateful that in giving control to God, I can embrace this journey of motherhood without fearing what lies ahead.  When I think of all the faith lessons I’ve learned thus far through my children, I am grateful for God’s wisdom and gentleness in providing these teachable moments so I may cling more to him rather than depend on my limited understanding.  Each day I get to practice serving God by encouraging, instructing, and disciplining my children towards the heart of Jesus.  There is no greater purpose than this and I am grateful to the Lord for my Groundhog days!   

Happy Mother's Day moms and be encouraged that in your groundhog days of motherhood, God has a great eternal purpose in it for you and your children!