Lately, I have been discontented with many things.  The disappointments of life, waiting on God, the desire to have more, and the list keeps growing.  Why am I so dissatisfied?  Then, I came across this quote from John Piper’s ministry, Desiring God.  “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him”.  My deepest desire is to bring glory to God but perhaps God has not been most glorified in me because I have not been most satisfied in Him. 

I’ve been thinking what it would look like for me to be most satisfied with God, to believe that God is enough.  Is it when everything goes as planned and life is comfortable?  Am I satisfied with him only when I can understand the complexities of life?  The truth is, I am most satisfied with God when I can anticipate the unknown.  I feel safer and in control.  It gives my life order and structure.  Essentially, I am most satisfied with God when he gives me all I want in the time I think I should have it.  I’m certain though, that God is not most glorified in me when the focus is on my selfish wants.     

With all my heart, I want to live and love in a way that brings glory to God.  Therefore, I am learning how to be most satisfied with God by believing that God is enough.  I do this by seeing my circumstances through the lens of God’s perspective.  While my focus is short term, God sees my whole life and is orchestrating the details of my life towards eternal purposes.  If what I want today will derail the path to the future God has planned for me, God won’t allow it come into my life.  He protects me in this way because I truly want to do life his way regardless of the cost.  I may whine and gripe about the detours and roadblocks along his path but ultimately, I obey God because I have learned that there are adverse consequences when I take shortcuts or attempt my own course.   By having his perspective, I can endure the unknowns on his path because I believe God is enough.

Believing that God is enough requires me to trust him with all my heart.  Without abandoned trust in God, I will not be most satisfied with him.  I will think that he is not truly good all the time or that he is withholding his very best from me when I believe I deserve more.  I will feel like I’m missing out on what others have if I don’t trust that God’s heart is good towards me especially when I am trying to live a life of obedience to him.  But trusting wholeheartedly requires a supernatural strength that only God can supply.  It is acquired when I understand the attributes of God because I have seen his character shine through in the darkest times.   As I experience his presence at work in the trials of life, I begin to see a glimpse of his might and power and it will help me believe that surely God is enough!  This process will teach me to trust God because I’ll see the realness of his character at work in my reality.  I know that life on this side of heaven will bring many challenges but if I believe that God is enough, I can run with purpose on the path he has paved out for me.  For God will give me the courage, strength, wisdom, and grace to be most satisfied in him, no matter the circumstances, so that he will be most glorified in me!