Uncommon Marriage: Learning about Lasting Love and Overcoming Life's Obstacles Together

By Tony & Lauren Dungy


One word to describe this book would be Uncommon! 

I have read dozens if not hundreds of books on marriage and relationships over the years and this book is very different than all of them. It is a love story written by the two main characters by alternating as they tell the story of their love and marriage. 

I would recommend you start by turning to the appendix in the back and reading through a few pages of what they believe is the foundation of their marriage relationship. Then go back to the beginning and as you read see how those foundations were developed and lived out. 

While this is written by a former NFL player and coach, current TV commentator, and his wife you will be drawn into the story by the way they open themselves up and are vulnerable in a part of their lives that many of us never even think about. I think you will find yourself entering into their story and maybe even seeing your marriage in some places.

If you struggle with priorities and the challenges of the demands of daily life and finding balance in your marriage you will be inspired to listen to the advice offered here. This advice comes from people that are living it out and not just the theory. It is encouraging to read about the challenges and difficulties of living out this married life.

For those of us in leadership there are many excellent insights on building a great marriage. We often make poor choices in setting our priorities and overcoming the difficulties of remaining in intimate contact. This marriage is not perfect and the family faced challenges many of us will not ever face from the challenges of adopting to dealing with the suicide of a child. Holding a marriage together though those times is often difficult be God provides incredible grace in those that place him in charge of their lives.

I have put this on my must read list for anyone that is married or in a leadership position with people that are.