Stripped: When God's Call Turns From "Yes!" to "Why Me?"

Are you doing what God called you to do? As a pastor I have be repeatedly over the years ask to describe my call to ministry. That is a part of the language of ministry but I think most people don’t think of what they do as a call. I have often thought it would be healthy if we all thought about what we do in life as responding to what we are called to be and do. This is a story of an emergency doctor that has answered a call to ministry while remaining a doctor in a hospital ER room.

Too often when we respond to what God is calling us to do we expect it to be easy or to be rewarded in some way. This book will help you understand that answering God’s call comes with a call to trust and endure through the tough times believing that God is still faithful to you. As we allow God to strip away our own desires and shortcoming we make room for God to mold us into the person he would have us be.

Using great illustrations from the ER and the need for sometimes painful intervention and trust in those that know what they are doing she takes you into the wilderness of life that God uses to shape us into he would have us be. Too often we respond to the call of Jesus and know exactly what we want him to do for us rather than what we can do for him.

The truth is if we want to experience the depth of what God has for us we will only discover it as we strip away our own way of doing things and begin doing them in the way of Jesus. Often this includes a season waiting and especially in our society we don’t like to wait but want it done now. God’s time is not our time and God’s way are not our ways. Too often we run out of patience waiting for God to make things happen, a reoccurring Biblical story, and try to do it on our own. There are no shortcuts to God’s will.

You will journey through the scriptures and have a chance to look at the Biblical story and I hope you will do what I did and read the Bible alongside this book and allow the two of them to challenge and shape you as your mind is made new.

I recommend this for those that are going through a difficult season but maybe even more for those that are right now on the mountaintop of life so that when you enter the next valley you might just have a new perspective.

Abujamra is an emergency room doctor and also does full-time ministry in her church and that is a fascinating part of the story as well. Whatever our call in life when we call ourselves Christian we have an opportunity to impact the world for Christ wherever we are.