Parenting Your Powerful Child: Bringing an End to the Everyday Battles

Every home has a powerful child!

The powerful child in your home was created by you!

All kids are attention getters because it is a part of how they are made. They will get that attention one way or another. We give our kids the power they have and often we don’t even know it. When you reward a behavior you help it become engraved into their life. Kids will act the way they do because it works.

You will read though this and see yourself more than you might want to admit. I found myself at times laughing out loud and thinking does this guy live in my house. Part of the challenge is that many parents don’t see what is occurring as a power struggle or understand the best way to react to these challenges. Leman does a great job of not only showing you how your kids become powerful but excellent ways to build healthy kids that will be ready to face the world.

You will find descriptions of the different packages your powerful kids come in. Some are clearly using power to get what they want and others are far more subtle. From the obvious loud, aggressive and temperamental manipulator to the quiet, shy, sensitive manipulator to the stubborn, procrastinating manipulator I am guessing many of you will see your children.

Using stories of families he has worked with if you don’t see yourself I know you will see someone you know and probably smile and wonder how you missed it. He will take you through the development of a powerful child and how to use that power for their best interest. They don’t become a powerful child until you overreact.

He will help you see the use of power by your kids at different developmental stages and how not to overreact to them. Since every kid is going to seek attention he will help you see the most effective ways to provide that attention and stay grounded in a well-rounded family life. You will also learn the difference between a powerful and determined child that could look very similar.

Have you thought about what kind of child you want? We have to find that balance between guiding our children to become the best they can be and living out our dreams through them. While your kids will try and get you to take responsibility for their actions it is important you learn not take responsibility for what isn’t yours and never assume anything.

If found this book helpful not only with powerful kids but could see how adults use these same methods of manipulation, that I am guessing they learn in childhood, to wield their power even as adult. I am tempted to say that if you are around children or anyone that was once a child you should read this book.