His Brain, Her Brain: How Divinely Designed Differences Can Strengthen Your Marriage

Have you ever looked at your spouse and not be able to understand what in the world they are thinking? Have you been in a conversation with someone of the opposite sex and felt like you were speaking a different langue?

Most of us have been in a conversation, watched someone react to a situation or respond to stress and wondered what could possibly be going through their mind. The fact is that our brains are created very differently, especially between the sexes. As you read through His Brain, Her Brain you find yourself thinking about things you have experienced that now make a little more sense.

Of particular interest to me was some of the information on physical differences that are the result of our brains. Narrower field of vision but more depth of field, ability to hear and process sound differently and differences in sensitivity to touch. Then there is the chemical and hormone differences that impact the way we think and act.

There are differences in the way we deal with stress, sex and romance. As I was reading through this I couldn’t help but think that God really had designed us so that we complement each other and become stronger together than we are apart.

Written by a doctor and his wife it is still easy to read and understand and well worth taking the time to read if you want to become a better communicator and build stronger relationships.