This is a strawberry shortcake recipe that a nabbed out of the Erie Times News a few years back and I make it on occasion. It is very simple and relatively kid friendly.  Once done you can even eat the biscuits as is! This one really cuts down the dessert mess. This recipe can also be made with a variety of fruit including fresh peaches, blueberries, raspberries, and bananas. Get what you can and substitute. I make this with the fat free whipped topping to cut the calories a little bit.


Strawberry Shortcake

1 can buttermilk jumbo biscuits

½ cup of sugar

½ cup of butter or margarine

1 tub of whipped topping

1 pound of strawberries (washed and diced)



Melt butter in a microwave save bowl, place sugar in a separate bowl. Take biscuits from can and brush butter lightly on the top. (You can also dip the biscuits in the butter and sugar, but that get messy) Then place biscuits in butter or sprinkle sugar over the top. Bake biscuits as directed on the package. Usually 12 to 15 minutes at 375.

Wash and cut up the Strawberries and place in a container with a sealed lid. Once they are all cut you can add a little sugar (1 Tbsp) and ¼ of a cup of water and shake to make a glaze.

Once the biscuits are finished let them cool for 5 minutes, then slice down the middle, add whipped topping and strawberries and enjoy!