This week's Family Movie Night Pick of the Week is a film that attempts to go behind the news and the televised scenes to tell several stories about those most immediately and intimately affected by the tragic events of Nov. 22, 1963 - Parkland

Plugged In Rating
From the Plugged In Video review:
Parkland does not attempt to tackle a single conspiracy theory; here Lee Harvey Oswald operates alone. It sheds no further light on the Warren Commission's findings. Jack Ruby is given mere seconds of screen time. And what's more, JFK himself isn't really the focus. Even Jacqueline Kennedy is observed primarily through her grief and silence as she watches helplessly while medical staff try to revive her husband.

Moviegoers are instead taken to Dealey Plaza for the presidential motorcade … where a garment manufacturer, Abraham Zapruder, excitedly searches for a primo spot from which to shoot 8mm footage of his beloved president. Then shots ring out, and it's a speedy trip to the Parkland Memorial Hospital emergency room … where Dr. Charles Carrico, Nurse Doris Nelson and the rest of the medical staff do everything they can.

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