Today on the Wake Up Call

It is Wake Up To Mission Wednesday and the Wake Up Call was abuzz with local ministries.  First we heard from the Women’s Care Center about their upcoming Celebrate Life Banquet on Saturday September 8, 2012.  Head to their website to register for the event and learn how you can support the WCC.

Dennis Wry from Biblica also stopped by the studios today to give us an update on what is happening in the world of Biblica.  He shared exciting news about how they are putting bibles into the hands of the Chinese and working to do the same in the Middle East.    Dennis also put out a challenge to you to purchase bibles for your business and put them out for folks to pick up for free.  Visit the Biblica store website to order your bibles today.  To learn more about Biblica and their work visit

Have you or your kids ever tried to pull a “Ferris Bueller”?  How do you spot a faker who is trying to play hooky?  Go to our FaceBook page and share your secret for busting your Ferris.

Tomorrow on the Wake Up Call

It is Thursday, our day to focus on marriage and family.  We will be discussing cyber bullying and why you should talk about.

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