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Wake Up Call Book of the Month

David and Goliath

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

The story of David and Goliath in the Bible is only one of many stories that appear to have a forgone conclusion come to a surprise ending. Gladwell takes an interesting look not only through the eyes of David but those of Goliath as well. Beginning with this story he provides a number of examples of how those facing great challenges overcame adversity to make a difference. He also discusses a couple of people that made a big difference with unexpected and not always positive outcomes.

Using illustrations from war and sports he discusses the advantages you can take even when you’re the underdog and take advantage of your strengths and the opponent’s weakness. Interweaving stories to illustrate his points he helps you see that doing what seems the obvious best path is not always the case. One of the illustrations is of a young lady that made the choice to go to a more prestigious and demanding school than another excellent institution she had been accepted at because she thought it would be better for her career. In the end she left her field of study because of the level of competition at the school she choose. It is great food for thought for those making decisions about their future based on what we assume others will think.

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Uncommon Marriage

Uncommon Marriage: Learning about Lasting Love and Overcoming Life's Obstacles Together

By Tony & Lauren Dungy


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Daddy, Do You Love Me?

Daddy, Do You Love Me?

I picked this up a while ago at a Family Life Conference because as a pastor this is a question I often hear ask in a number of different ways. Many young women and adults are really questioning if they were loved by their fathers. My hope was that this book would be a book of hope for those struggling with the relationship with their father.

Let me start out by saying that while this book was written by women and mainly for women it may have a greater impact on men that are willing to read it. As I read through the stories of the authors and other women that had poor or damaging relationships with their fathers and the pain came through so clearly I thought there is a lot of men out there that should hear the depth of the pain their actions cause the very ones that should be able to look to them for love and support.

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Every Good Endeavor

Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work

It is easy to try and separate our Christian life from our work life but in reality that is impossible if we are following Jesus. Living the Christian life means we reflect Jesus in all areas of our life and through us others experience the love and care of the creator.

From the beginning man was created to work, to subdue, have dominion and rule the earth. They were to participate in the creation in the image of God. When we realize that God provides all the resources but we have the responsibility to be creative in our caring for the earth.

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Stripped: When Godís Call Turns From Yes! To Why Me?

Stripped: When God's Call Turns From "Yes!" to "Why Me?"

Are you doing what God called you to do? As a pastor I have be repeatedly over the years ask to describe my call to ministry. That is a part of the language of ministry but I think most people don’t think of what they do as a call. I have often thought it would be healthy if we all thought about what we do in life as responding to what we are called to be and do. This is a story of an emergency doctor that has answered a call to ministry while remaining a doctor in a hospital ER room.

Too often when we respond to what God is calling us to do we expect it to be easy or to be rewarded in some way. This book will help you understand that answering God’s call comes with a call to trust and endure through the tough times believing that God is still faithful to you. As we allow God to strip away our own desires and shortcoming we make room for God to mold us into the person he would have us be.

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Parenting Your Powerful Child

Parenting Your Powerful Child: Bringing an End to the Everyday Battles

Every home has a powerful child!

The powerful child in your home was created by you!

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I, Saul

I, Saul

This is an entertaining, sometimes thought provoking, and at times laughable, novel that bounces back and forth between first century Rome and contemporary United States and Europe.

It has elements of intrigue and adventure based on an ancient manuscript found written in the hand of Paul and hidden until found in modern day Rome, stolen and hidden again. The main character is a seminary professor engaged to a foreign national that he me on a tour in the Holy Land year ago.

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Nearing Home; Life, Faith and Finishing Well

Nearing Home: Life, Faith, and Finishing Well

Have you given any thought to what it will be like as you near the end of your life? Most of us would rather not think about those last years or days, especially as we watch people we love and care about go through them. But, for most of us they will come, and we need to be thinking about them now no matter what age we are.

Billy Graham, a name recognized by most people as a true man of God, at the age of 92 penned this short, 180 page, volume as he nears the end of his earthly life. Here is a man that for more than six decades has shared a simple yet profound truth as he traveled the world to challenge people of all nations to turn from sin and toward God.

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The 5 Love Languages

The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

Do you ever feel like you and those you love speak different languages? The truth is you probably do!

Each of us has our own way to say “I love you” but often we speak in our language when those we love speak another. Chapman says that we all speak one of 5 love languages and the problem is we try to tell others we love them in the way we want to hear.

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His Brain, Her Brain

His Brain, Her Brain: How Divinely Designed Differences Can Strengthen Your Marriage

Have you ever looked at your spouse and not be able to understand what in the world they are thinking? Have you been in a conversation with someone of the opposite sex and felt like you were speaking a different langue?

Most of us have been in a conversation, watched someone react to a situation or respond to stress and wondered what could possibly be going through their mind. The fact is that our brains are created very differently, especially between the sexes. As you read through His Brain, Her Brain you find yourself thinking about things you have experienced that now make a little more sense.

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